The Sea Lion Project Ltd. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserve and demonstrate, for educational and historical purposes, the arts and crafts related to 16th century shipbuilding and sailing, and the skills related to the construction and operating of historic vessels.

"The symbol of the Sea Lion shall be a lion's head, with the tail of a fish for the body and two four-pointed shields, bearing the initials of Carl E. Lyon, for whom the ship is named."

Bemus Point - Stow Ferry

Hours of Operation

Times Listed Are Relative
Friday 5:00PM to 8:30PM
Saturday 1:00PM to 8:30PM
Sunday 1:00PM to 8:30PM

The Ferry Does Not Run On A Set Schedule During the Hours Listed Above. The Ferry Runs When There Is Someone to Go Across.
Hours Subject to Change Due to Weather and Pilot Availability.
Additional Hours by Appointment


The Cost For A Ride Is Just A Donation!
Give As Much or As Little As You Want!
On October 30th, 1982 The Bridge over Chautauqua Lake opened. Everyone thought this was the end of the ferry. 30+ years later the ferry is here and plans are to keep it here another 200 years. The ferry is operated by the Sea Lion Project Ltd. and is the best shape it has been in since built around 1929. Memorial Day, 2013 we start our 202nd season. See You then.
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